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Founder & CEO of Divine Purpose Publishing, Dr. Vicki L. Otaruyina is an author, elevation coach, publisher, global speaker, ordained minister, strategic marketer and entrepreneur. She is a leader in the life coaching industry and as the founder of the S.O.A.R blueprint used to help individuals, ministers and entrepreneurs, discover and reach peak potential for global impact. Her divine job is to help person make connections around the world to facilitate the plan of God and to propel their brand.

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In February 2024, we will be launching the Who's Who In Kingdom Business Online Directory. With access to over 10 M worldwide your brand will be seen around the world A sample listing is shown below and will include a direct link to your website.

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Dr. Vicki L. Otaruyina

Elevation Coach

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The Who's Who In Kingdom Business Directory is a global tool through which you can find the right brand to, satisfy your business needs, foster business relationships, create partnerships, and develop brand collaborations.

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